Folding Resin (Plastic) Chair

  • Stronger than wood, maintenance-free, and it even stacks
  • Totally resin with a high-quality, U.V. stabilized, high-gloss finish
  • Easily removable padded vinyl seat
  • Weighs a little over 12 lbs.
Item ID Quantity Price
Resin (White Plastic) Chair 1 to 100 $34.50 ea.
Resin (Black Plastic) Chair 1 to 100
$35.50 ea.

Notice: The White Folding Wood Chair can be equipped with our Stacking Brackets, which allow you
to stack your chairs without the need for tie-down straps. We will install Stacking Brackets before shipping for an
additional $3.00 per chair, which includes the price of the brackets.


Our stacking brackets not only allow you to stack your wood chairs but they also "lock"
them in place and protect them from the typical scratches from normal use.


Stacking Brackets are easily installed in about 3-4 minutes per chair. A chair requires just 4 brackets and 4 screws
as shown in the picture. Available in black or clear for natural finish chairs.
Item ID Quantity Price
SH491 per chair $2.15

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