Patent #327761
Cuts cost, time, and labor handling chairs, round tables, and portable dance floors.
(Also folded tents, card tables, dish racks, cartons, and most any item that can be tilted.)

Specifications: Patented design enables the Chairiot to lift heavy loads with minimum effort and transportation over rough pavement, down curbs, across lawns and up/down ramps. Forks fold to permit shipment via UPS.


The Chairiot moves up to 50 chairs at a time - through the narrowest gateway or door. If chairs "nest" or are equipped with StanQuip's Chair Stacking Brackets, tie down straps are not required. A stack of Samsonite-type chairs can be lifted and set down without a pallet, but StanQuip's Chair Pallets are recommended for easier handling and to prevent damage to the bottom chair. Chair Pallets must be used for wood chairs.
High volume users can lift two Chair Pallets at a time (up to 100 chairs) with a pallet jack or fork lift for storing under low shelves or on pallet racks.

Miscellaneous Items:

A General Purpose Pallet (like a chair pallet, but with a solid top) can be used with the Chairiot to transport miscellaneous items, such as folded tents, card tables, dish racks, etc. If the load is more than 18" wide the Chairiot must be equipped with the optional Guard Rails.

Catalog Number Description Price
SH414P Chairiot w/ Pneumatic Wheels (as shown) $435.00 ea.
SH430 Chair Pallet $25.00 ea.
AR100 Chair Stack Cover / Tan Canvas with Velcro Close $30.99 ea.
AR101 Chair Stack Cover / Black Poly-Knit / Water Repellent with Velcro Close $15.99 ea.
SH488 Poly Chair Stack Covers (50 per roll) $92.80 roll
SH450 Pneumatic 10" Wheels for CHARIOT $28.95 ea.

AR100                                                      AR101   SH488

Stack Chair Covers

F.O.B. East Point, Georgia

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